Believe in you. Do the impossible.

Believe in you. Do the impossible.

Believe in you. Do the impossible.Believe in you. Do the impossible.Believe in you. Do the impossible.

Specializing in helping women believe in themselves again, 

so they can annihilate their impossibles. 

personalized motivation...listen in...

LaToya speaks at local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter and truly mesmerizes her listeners. 



Freed and Powered Up Podcast

Yeeessssss!!!!! It's here. The podcast that so many women have been waiting for. It provides REAL talk for REAL women who have survived and are healing from abusive and traumatic relationships. LaToya provides unique and powerful perspectives on healing from her personal story, powerful interviews and useful research. You REALLY don't want to miss out. Subscribe right now!

your new extended family!

Freed and Powered Up Clan (FPU Clan)


Absolutely. Community, non-judgmental acceptance and support is key in the healing and leveling-up process. So I've created the closed facebook group FPU Clan, a place for healing. Please join us!


transformational speaker overcoming trauma. motivational speaker on mental health.


There is a lioness, an insatiable prowess in every woman. We're built that way. How else could we have survived society's demeaning and belittling attitude toward us for generations? This presentation's purpose is to: 

  • call the lioness, the hunter, the beast-mode out of every woman; 
  • to help women believe in their miraculous selves again; 
  • to help women find, own, empower, and lead with their unique voices, to find their ROAR
  • to compel women to step up and into their impossible so that they can change their worlds. Interested in this transformational presentation? Let's connect. 

black woman motivational speaker, motivational speaker on overcoming failure and trauma


You are created with unique capabilities, gifts, strengths, and that uncanny will to survive. But have you considered that your weaknesses may be your greatest strengths? Learn how to use your "weaknesses," "failures," and your past hurts as your strengths to not only survive, but dominate. This presentation teaches women to accept, embrace, and leverage perceived weaknesses and traumas so that they step into healing, truly believe in their greatness, and annihilate the obstacles to their impossible. Let's go!

woman motivational speaker, woman transformational speaker, motivational speaker on fear


Yes, I am! Because you are fierce. You are fearless. Some of us have forgotten that. Some of us were taught/programmed differently. Most of us don't believe it. In this presentation, I help women shift mindsets, believe in their God-give power and ferocity again, so that they can take their world by storm. Interested in this explosive and incredibly transformational presentation? Let's connect. 

power series

emotional intelligence motivational speaker


This presentation empowers women to accept, own, and employ their emotions, in spite of female-emotion-shaming in the workplace. I then teach how to fully engage in a healthy heart so that freeing, controlling, and channeling, the energy of their emotions will drive women to soar to the top of their game. Believe in the power of your emotions and beat down the doors of the impossible.  

woman motivational speaker, woman transformational speaker, black woman motivational speaker


One is a powerful number, when there is purpose, intuition, courage, determination, passion, and instinctual timing. When these elements combine, one is all it takes to change the world. This presentation teaches women how to pull all these elements together so that they can believe in their power, and be the ultimate game changers  in the impossible. 

About Me

I've been there...

black woman transformational speaker on empowerment

I have. I have wallowed in the deepest pits of depression, self-doubt, cynicism and fear. I've been traumatized and beaten down. I've hit rock bottom, and I stayed there for a while. I have lived in self-defeat and I lived according to the false beliefs and indoctrination about myself and my world. But now... now I am living my best life. I am tearing down my impossibles one by one. And so can you. 

My desire is to inspire and empower every woman I encounter to become the powerful change agents they were designed to be.

It's true. I am an officer in the United States Navy. I have a B.A., M.Div., post graduate studies, and other credentials (which I'll list for you upon request), but what I suspect you're most interested in, is what makes my inspiration work. What could be so special about what I say that sets people free? What do I do that drives everyone who hears me speak to want to run out of the room immediately and begin busting down the doors of impossible? But more astoundingly, what in the world is it that I say, that makes this inspiration last? Here's what I bring: 

  • The experience of overcoming the affects of terrible traumas and tragedies myself, and then using what works to help those who've tried other paths, but hadn't found their breakthrough.
  • The experience of living and helping people in Mexico, Kazakhstan, Japan, and 3 different states in the U.S. 
  • The experience of teaching and spiritual counseling for over 10 years, and getting results! 
  • The experience of working with Active Duty Military with mental and emotional wounds and finding solutions
  • The experience of being a wife of 17 years and a mother of 2 children, while building a full-time career and fulfilling my purpose in life
  • I care, deeply.  And what I do is simple but powerful. I help people believe in themselves again, holistically, completely, so that they can do the impossible. Are you interested? Let's chat. 


"I have literally done more this quarter than the whole year because I was so inspired by your talk. Thank you!" 

"Chaplain LaToya Zavala, LT, USN, was the keynote speaker at the Southern Council Luncheon (Daughters of the American Revolution).

Remember her name and if you ever have an opportunity to hear this inspirational speaker, take

advantage of the opportunity."  

"The Navy Chaplain's speech was so moving on Saturday.  It really brought into focus how our service projects can make a difference." 

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